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Wednesday, December 27
  Just Launched - The Louisiana Wave Studio
We've just launched a new website for the Louisiana Wave Studio. Just click our blog post title to visit this new website or visit it at The Louisiana Wave Studio has a very unique wave tank and wave machine that is available to the movie and television production industry. The wave tank is one of a kind and unique in the United States.

I found the photos of the wave tank in use for the movie "The Guardian" highly interesting to view. The finished water, wave, and wind sequences were so life-like that it was hard to believe that some of the sequences had been filmed with small boat models. When you click in to review this new site make sure to visit the video page to see the wave tank in action and review the pictures page to see how the wave tank is used by cinematographers and directors.

The website has been designed for organic optimization and has been colored to work with the unique company logo. Styles were used to create the rollover affect on the left hand navigation bar instead of images for a more search engine friendly design.

If you like movies, are curious about how the movie studios do some of their special water effects, this is one site that you'll definitely want to check out.


  It's Been A Good Year
It's been a good year and we wanted to say thank you to all of our readers, those who have commented on our blog, and those who have sent us information to pass on to our readers. Nearly 40% of our website visitors now read our blog and we want to say thank you to all who have participated in it.

Blogs can be a lot of work, but they can also be a lot of fun. We have had fun with our blog and look forward to continued interaction with you, our readers, in 2007.

Again thank you for making our blog an information resource for others and for your participation!
Friday, December 22
  Organic Optimization Myths
I've heard them all, trust me, but this is a new one that I wanted to run by you.

"Google will give your website a higher organic placement if you have video on your website!"

Hmm, of that I am not sure. I have not seen this repeated in any forums or dissected on the Web as most new strategies are. I think video is cool, and we're doing a lot of it for websites. I think that it adds a level of interactivity that allows you to connect directly and immediately with your customers, but I don't think that it is an organic search optimization tool.

So would I say don't do video? No, I think video can be great, but do it because it adds to your website not to get organic placement. I do not see Google giving preferential treatment in the Google SERPs just because you have a video.

Let me know what you think by clicking comments and leaving a note.
Wednesday, December 20
  New Google Beta Tool For Professionals
We've just been invited to test the new Google Website Optimizer. This new tool allow Google AdWords professionals to test a variety of landing pages and identify what elements are more successful.

As we test it, we'll let you know what we have found out. In the meantime, you can click our blog post title and review the new Google Forum Group that talks about this new tool.

In the Website Optimizer, you identify blocks on your ad landing page that you want to test and change between versions of the same page. Google analyzes the results and provides you with input about what changes worked better for you for leads and conversions. It should be an interesting and helpful product.


Monday, December 18
  Google AdWords Radio Will It Work?
Google is expanding the reach of AdWords into radio. Will it work? Of that I am not exactly sure, but it may. With radio and commuters spending more time in the car, you have a captive audience that may be ripe for the picking.

As with other Google endeavors, this is starting out as a beta. We don't have any advertisers involved in this new program yet, but we may in the very near future.

What I do see is a whole new cottage industry being developed right now to piggy-back on this new initiative. Many savvy entrepreneurs seem to be very bullish on the idea. Me, I'm not sure. I've seen other Google beta items fall flat on their faces, but this one has a particular nice ring and so right now, I am kind of sitting on the fence.

So if you're totally in the dark on this one, click our post title to read more about Google Radio to see what you think.


Friday, December 15
  Yahoo Rolls Out The New Account Platform to New Accounts
If you were waiting to sign up for Yahoo! Sponsored Search advertising when Yahoo allowed new account set up on the new platform, well now is the time. Today Yahoo has changed all newly set up accounts to go immediately onto the new platform.

Click our blog post title and get a $50 click credit on setting up your new Yahoo! Sponsored Search account for self set up.

I like the new Yahoo interface and so far with our testing and client accounts the quality of clicks has been excellent, conversions good, and geo-targeting accurate. Yahoo has really upgraded their ad platform and we consider it a really viable alternative to Google AdWords.

So, if you've been waiting, don't wait anymore you can now take advantage of Yahoo's new geo-targeting and improved ad serving now!


Wednesday, December 13
  Google AdWords Click Cost Increases
We have done an analysis and wanted to point out that we have found roughly a 21% increase in click costs in our client accounts from December figures compared to August figures.

That means your budget does not stretch as far on the Google AdWords of today. You are paying more for clicks, getting fewer impressions, and paying more for each conversion. So ready to change to a new pay per click program. Well hold your horses as Google AdWords is still king. Unfortunately we all just stuck with the situation as Google still owns 47% of the search market share, and 84% of all searchers start their searches on Google.

Hmm, Merry Christmas.


Monday, December 11
  Cost Per Clicks On The Rise in Google AdWords
Have you seen this yourself? Particularly in the last 30 days we have seen a marked rise in Cost Per Click (CPC) across most client accounts.

The biggest increases in CPC have been in accounts where there are no specifically created landing pages. We have seen CPC increases in accounts where we are using specific landing pages, but at a much smaller percentage. Here's an example: account a used to be able to get geo-targeted clicks on terms at $6.50 per click. Now the CPC has moved closer to $7.50 and up to be shown in the same position on the same keywords. Account b used to be able to get geo-targeted clicks on terms at $1.23 per click. Now the CPC has moved closer to $1.53 and up to be shown in the same position on the same keywords. Between both accounts that's a 15 to 24% increase in CPC.

Why is there an increase? Part of the increase is due to supply and demand and I feel that part of the increase is due to the change in the quality scores for accounts based on their landing pages or lack of use of them. I am still working to identify what is causing this increase in CPC, but I have to say that it is nearly across the board on the client accounts that we manage.

What are you seeing in your Google AdWords accounts? What are you doing to keep your CPC the same or lower than what you paid about 30 to 45 days ago? Leave your comments below.
Friday, December 8
  Tune Your Computer's Clear Type Settings
Click our blog post title to visit a nice Microsoft page that will allow you to tune your clear type settings on your computer for better screen clarity. You'll be glad you checked. It takes less than 10 seconds to have your screen settings checked and tweaked for better looking fonts..
Thursday, December 7
  Fabulous Flash Video
Stefan Sargent has done another beautiful Flash video and we wanted to share it with you. It is absolutely amazing what selected music and special effects can do to turn a video into something extraordinary.

This Flash video is of several ballet pieces and special effects have been added to some. I think that you'll enjoy the art and creativity that Stefan used to make this a real work of art. Just click our blog post title to view the pieces. Enjoy!


Wednesday, December 6
  Google AdWords Tip
We've seen it happen in several client accounts so you may want to try this for yourself.

One you've got a great performing campaign...consider revising the landing page with a new look and streamlined content for better performance.

Two a great way to jump start a good performing campaign to the next level is to update your ad text. Introduce a set of new ads. For some reason a fresh look, or fresh approach can also push your ad click through results. Buyers sometime experience ad fatigue and so a fresh approach periodically can reap really big click and click through results for an already great performing account.

Third try break out ad groups. When we have a top account another way to push it to even better performance is to break out the top performing keywords into their own ad group with their own landing page. This very narrow focus and match on ad text, keywords, and landing page is a winning combination!


Monday, December 4
  Google AdWords Auction
I've seen mentioned on the Web in several places that Google AdWords is an auction bid and then again that it is not. Finally in Google's own help information on AdWords they use the "Auction" term.

I have long felt that getting to position one on a keyword had an auction factor to it as one could bid up the price, but in some cases never pay the actual bid price and raise a keyword s's position. Now at least it is clearly in the open. Yes Google AdWords does have an auction-like bid to position.

Remember there are additional factors that affect your keywords page position like quality score, ad text, and even landing page match and now auction is another one.


Friday, December 1
  December's Newsletter is Out
If you want to read our review on the new Yahoo! Sponsored Search ad interface, click out blog post title to read our candid comments about this new system.

If you're not a Yahoo advertiser you may want to become one, click in and find out why.
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