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Tuesday, January 9
  Google Website Optimizer
Wow, this is really the tool for serious Google AdWords professionals! Google has invited us to test out the Website Optimizer, a professional grade tool for testing landing pages for Google AdWords performance.

What an excellent tool! Click our post title to sign up to receive an invitation when they have spots open. I just completed our test set up and I have to say that the tool is complicated but looks like it should really be a jewel in Google's toolbox for account management professionals.

A few tips, I found it confusing to add the scripts to the various includes for headers and footers that I have on my site. Even though I added the code, Google had trouble sensing it. I ended up just making an HTML page from my includes and put my content in there without a problem. Highly dynamic sites may be harder to set up if you are using several includes.

Take time to watch the movie first, I scrimped on this and will now watch the full video to see what I missed.

Don't do your work late at night. The implementation and set up took several hours and so it is best to do this when you are fresh not at the end of the day. The level of detail is intense to make the program work best and so take your time and think out what kind of testing you want to do first.

This tool will be a real resource for clients who really want to test landing pages for improved results.

This is what the Website Optimizer does. Allows you to create a page, tag special sections, then create dynamically inserted new sections - this makes up your test and Google will measure the activity and let you know what is working. Google serves up the dynamic content for you.

I was able to make one landing page with three different titles, two different content blocks, and two different images one male one female for our ghost blogging ad group.

Google has detailed reporting that will identify what is working best during your test period. It is all tied into Google Analytics and into the Google AdWords interface.

An excellent, top level, professionals tool that you will definitely want to check out.


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Arshad Seo.
Arshad, Firstly I would change all instances 'ON PAGE" from globalwarming to global warming... they really are 2 words.
Dear David,

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The truth is, the earth is cooling - record low temps all over. You have to be an arrogant fool to believe that men can actually influence the weather or climate of a planet, over 500 billion years in the making, within 100 years of industrialization. Keep on dreaming and enjoy the brainwashing by the liberal media. Your downfall will be your stupidity and your arrogance not the climate, remember what happened to the Romans.
You know if you have great content the search engines will come, but if you are trying to piggyback on top keywords with an AdSense Arbitrage site Google will not award top rankings.
I've had a site up for about six months. Everyone who has reviewed has agreed that we have great content, yet our page ranking still is very low. It is a Flash XML driven web site. Any ideas? its utah stories
I can not begin to tell you how many people with Flash based sites contact me for help with optimization. You simply can not place well organically as the search engines can not index Flash. Google says they do, but they do not do it well.

There is no work around for Flash sites until technology catches up with the ability to read a Flash file and the included xml or text files.

I even had one top Flash designer tell me what he did was to load keywords into html comments on the page. That is old news, Google banned sites for doing that and that is a SEO trick that easily dates back four years ago that I and nearly everyone else has abandonned.

Your only real alternative at this point it to integrate a blog into your site at this point and get people to your site through your blog.
Not only do they not rank well, but often times they don't convert well either. We recently published a case study testing Flash with Google Website Optimizer.
very nice article it was very usefull
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A question pertaining to the original article... After 5 months are you still using the optimizer and are you happy with the results.
I only use the optimizer now on occasion or when I have a very specific client. It is very hard to use for many programs as it is labor intensive. I am more production oriented and doing volume work at this time. However is it valuable - you bet. Just factor in your time so you don't get burned.
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