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Thursday, May 10
  Vista Compatiblity
You know my Tech Director is pushing me to move into Vista. I have been longing myself to move to Office 2007, but unfortunately I will have to wait to do both.

I researched on the Web yesterday which of my workhorse applications will have problems with Vista and all of my key applications are not compatible at this point with Vista. All have the comment noted on the various websites "should run but there are documented problems". Well that's enough to keep me from moving to Vista at this point. I just can't have downtime or application issues.

Another consideration is to use Vista, I will have to upgrade Flash Professional 8, Photoshop CS2, Adobe GoLive CS2, Acrobat 7 Professional, and the list goes one. Upgrades for each of these items is any where from $150 to over $200. Now I find out that Acrobat Professional doesn't even work with Office 2007. Yikes, every contract and report I send to clients is a Word document turned into a PDF.

Good Grief Microsoft! Did you think this all through? Personally I want to move forward with my technology but not at the expense of crashing my business or having to use two computers to get my work done - one for Vista and one for all things that won't work on Vista.

So for me, I am going to have to wait until the software manufacturers post on their website yes we are Vista compliant, or here is a patch to upgrade your software, or no you must upgrade to the next version and yes then it will work on Vista. Until that time, I am the XP Pro gal!


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