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Friday, August 31
  The New World of Web Visibility for New Websites
You just can't do the same old thing anymore - get your website out and hope that someone visits. You just have to more now to be visible on the Web.

In addition to building a great website that is search engine friendly you need to prepare it for search engines and really push to get your initial exposure. Here are some of the things that we advocate to help get your new website visible and in the Google index quickly.

  1. Make sure to do a Google Sitemap and Yahoo URLlist. You want to make sure that when the spider comes they will spider everything.
  2. Make sure to use the free webmaster tools to register your site on Google, MSN, and Yahoo Engine. I don't recommend that you pay $299 for Yahoo Directory listing unless you have other issues where this may be needed.
  3. Register with Google Local with a free business listing.
  4. Create a My Space site as well as one for Facebook and LinkedIn. Sounds foolish? Well I have to say that one big problem for new sites is getting Google to pick them up and put them in the index. We have found that the Sitemap helps, but that the site doesn't actually make it into the Google index (even thought the Google bot has been by) until you have one or two links to your brand spanking new website. These services will provide the links you need to get indexed on Google fast.
  5. Post your website link in some of the blogs on your topic or forums. Some sites will not allow you to do this and I certainly do not advocate being carried away here, but you are trying here to get a few links to your new site so that the search engines will take notice.

From my side as a professional, I am definitely seeing the difference when we follow these steps in regards to how quickly I will be able to find a new site for Google searches. Try it and you'll be convinced that this is truly a very smart yet simple strategy.


Tuesday, August 28
  Google WiFi Is It Safe?
You know I never gave WiFi networks a thought until I started doing webmaster work for the Council on Wireless Technology Impacts. I myself was thinking isn't this great, I can be connected anywhere I go with new wireless networks.

With Google and Earthlink trying to create a big WiFi hot spot in San Francisco and Google celebrating the first year anniversary of covering cover about 12 square miles and 25,000 homes serving approximately 15,000 unique users, I am wondering now what the health tradeoffs will be by going wireless in public spaces. Are we polluting ourselves with electromagnetic radiation and simply thinking what we can't see can't hurt us?

We all love technology, our kids are all tuned in to it too. If you haven't seen the technology used on university campuses now, you just wouldn't believe it. Our kids in college now have piped in cable, high speed Internet, WiFi spots and some campuses going totally WiFi. The libraries have more computers that you may see in a year, and many campuses even offer free computer tech services to students for their own computers. Every college student now needs a laptop and teachers upload their class notes and lectures to the Web.

With this new push for technology and being online all the time, are we trading off our health? Are we polluting our air with radio and microwaves that we can not see but may be causing health issues down the road? I am not sure myself what the answer is, but I have to say after having read the papers and documents that I am posting for this client, I am starting to wonder whether the trade off may simply be too big or whether we should have more definitive research before we push more wireless networks.

Tell me what you think, by leaving your comment below.


Monday, August 27
  Need a New Brand Strategy?
We've just completed a mini site optimization for a great website and business. You can visit Candescence online now to read more about branding, brand strategies, market ideation, and brand creation.

Candescence is a brand creation and brand marketing firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Robert Davies, the President of Candescence Inc. is an independent consultant who works directly with large and small firms in the brand management field as well as is employed by a number of advertising agencies to be their resident expert in brand ideation.

This is an interesting site that you will definitely want to check out!
Thursday, August 23
  Dan Patrick Viral Marketing At Its Best
We are doing a Google AdWords program for the Dan Patrick team at The Content Factory. Although we are doing just one facet of the work in the promotion of the new Dan Patrick radio show that is coming on September 9th, I have to say that what is being done by others on the team is a pure stroke of genius.

To see what I mean, please visit or, they are the same site. The team has created movie vignettes of Dan Patrick that are great to watch. The movies are a pure stroke of genius that speaks to the imagination and humor of Dan Patrick in a way that is highly engaging and very viral for the Web. The push is to let ESPN fans know that Dan Patrick has left and is starting a new "Big Show" on September 9th but through The Content Factory this time.

If you are wanting to see a great piece of viral marketing in work that has a real "pro" touch, you need to visit to see them yourself.


  A New Quick Launch Site
We've just launched a new Quick Launch template "fast on the web" website for You can click our post title and see this colorful site now.

Garpepano is the new Italian spice creation of Luigi Cerrato. Garpepano is a spice blend of oregano, Romano cheese, garlic, and chili peppers. You'll love it on pizza.

The site has been done using our Quick Launch - get on the web in 5 days program. For a small investment a business owner can have a nice five page site to announce their new product to the world.

You can even buy Garpepano online using PayPal. Visit now to check out this hot new product for yourself!


Wednesday, August 22
  Now You'll Pay to Be in the Sacred Yellow Box on Google AdWords
Google has just announced that it has implemented the change in the pricing for top ads in the special colored boxes above the organic listings.

The bottom-line that I see from the change is that it will now cost more to be in the top spot. Previously one got in the top spots based on performance - about 2.5% + in CTR. Now it appears that not only will the CTR and ad quality score be a factor, but what you will sign up to pay by your max CPC setting as well.

It appears to me that Google is posturing itself to charge the full max CPC in the account when an ad appears in the top spot from their comment “Review your account for maximum CPCs that are higher than the maximum amount you're willing to pay.” Google has always said that it can charge the full max CPC in the account and now it appears that they will if an ad appears in the top spot.

Quality score has not been a huge factor for accounts that we manage as we work hard to get and keep a good score, and performance in most cases has not been an issue either, but now we will need to watch carefully that the CPCs set in the accounts do not hit figures that we are not really willing to pay in an effort to get into a certain position on the page.

This aspect will particularly affect an account or ad group where a clients is really wanting to appear in the top first or second position or possibly even the third position. Clearly they will pay more to Google to get there.


  Sorry for the Long Hiatus on Posts
My Dad is failing and I have been traveling to visit with him and family members. Posts should be back on track now that I am back in the office. Thanks for understanding and sticking with me. :0)
  Opt Out of Content Before 8/29 on Microsoft adCenter
Click our post title to opt out of the new Microsoft adCenter content network before August 29th rolls around and you are automatically opted in.

If you didn't know, you need to be careful showing your pay per click ads in the content network. Content can sap an ad budget fast and will not convert to a sale at the same rate that the search network clicks will. This is why it is important for some people to opt out now before you get nailed or your budget sapped.

On 8/29 Microsoft will roll every account into the content network and unless you watch and change your settings, your content clicks will be at the same price as your search clicks. So click in and opt out now!
Thursday, August 9
  Our Newsletter is Out
Click our blog post title to read our August e-Newsletter online. This quick read features these topics this month:

  1. Moving to Microsoft's Windows Vista
  2. Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility
  3. Our Bright Idea Tip: Microsoft PowerToys Using Alt-Tab

We've also provided a link to SyncToy another PowerToy but this time for Vista in this article as well.

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