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Friday, August 31
  The New World of Web Visibility for New Websites
You just can't do the same old thing anymore - get your website out and hope that someone visits. You just have to more now to be visible on the Web.

In addition to building a great website that is search engine friendly you need to prepare it for search engines and really push to get your initial exposure. Here are some of the things that we advocate to help get your new website visible and in the Google index quickly.

  1. Make sure to do a Google Sitemap and Yahoo URLlist. You want to make sure that when the spider comes they will spider everything.
  2. Make sure to use the free webmaster tools to register your site on Google, MSN, and Yahoo Engine. I don't recommend that you pay $299 for Yahoo Directory listing unless you have other issues where this may be needed.
  3. Register with Google Local with a free business listing.
  4. Create a My Space site as well as one for Facebook and LinkedIn. Sounds foolish? Well I have to say that one big problem for new sites is getting Google to pick them up and put them in the index. We have found that the Sitemap helps, but that the site doesn't actually make it into the Google index (even thought the Google bot has been by) until you have one or two links to your brand spanking new website. These services will provide the links you need to get indexed on Google fast.
  5. Post your website link in some of the blogs on your topic or forums. Some sites will not allow you to do this and I certainly do not advocate being carried away here, but you are trying here to get a few links to your new site so that the search engines will take notice.

From my side as a professional, I am definitely seeing the difference when we follow these steps in regards to how quickly I will be able to find a new site for Google searches. Try it and you'll be convinced that this is truly a very smart yet simple strategy.


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