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Thursday, October 18
  Got Blog? How to Blog Effectively
Man there are a lot of bad blogs on the Web and then there are some really great ones. I have several sites that I routinely watch in my industry sector, I also watch our self-blogging client blogs, and our ghost blogging contractred blogs. All in all, you've just got to pick and chose what you follow.

I know that many people have started to blog solely for search engine benefits and that is okay by me, but when you blog for your business, the content just has to be good. With that in mind, here are my top tips to blog more effectively for search engines and for your business.

  1. Provide interesting content that your readers would consider helpful.
  2. Keep your posts regular and then stick with a schedule.
  3. Mention keywords in your blog title and blog labels or categories.
  4. Make your posts small no dissertations! Break larger posts into a series.
  5. Be careful on your spacing. Make sure you look at your post after you publish it to confirm that the spacing is correct.
  6. Don't paste in your posts from Word. Sorry you need to move them to Wordpad or Notepad first and then into the blog control panel to remove formatting.
  7. Keep the fonts, styles, and colors consistent on your blog from post to post.
  8. Don't use huge headlines and don't use all capitals.
  9. Watch the news in your business sector and blog early and hard on important news or tips.
  10. If you can do a Google Sitemap for your blog posts so the search engines know about your content.

I hope these tips help you to be a more effective blogger. I use these same exact tips to train new bloggers, client bloggers, and to instruct people at seminars on how to blog. Remember blogging is fun, spontaneous, and conversational in nature but does have a few rules of best practice and etiquette.

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