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Saturday, October 6
  Linking From Blogger Blogs Does Not Work Anymore for SEO
I downloaded my blog files the other day to keep an up-to-date archive as I was moving my site to a new server and noticed that Blogger is now adding in the links inside comments on my site this tag rel="no follow".

That means if someone leaves a comment on your Blogger blog, or you leave one on someone else's Blogger blog as a way to try to improve your Website visibility, the link you leave means nothing. It is not considered in Google's algorithm and because Blogger has arbitrarily made this decision it means that using this tactic as a workable strategy to point people to your website has now effectively been dissed. No engine will follow the link now. This is not a setting you can change it is a behind the scene thing that Google, the owner of Blogger, has done.

Google has effectively worked to disregard linking on the web that we used to use for SEO organic placement improvement in one of their last algorithms. This means that we no longer do resource pages in websites as a place to show reciprocal links. As Google considers these links literally meaning nothing. Another way we used to get placement was by posting comments on blogs and pointing back to the main website, and now this tactic is gone as well for Blogger blogs. Many blogs you simply can not identify if they are blogger blogs or not, some you can by the template choice but not always.

So the bottom-line is that the world of SEO is really changing. Using blogs and forums to point to new sites to get links to improve your chances of being picked up on a search engine are narrowing. If I can think of any other way to get exposure that replaces these previously tried and true methods, I'll let you know. One that I am thinking of right now is MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Do you have one you want to recommend?

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That's good information, thanks! The only link stratgies I would add--and they're not for everyone, but worth looking into--is producing a podcast (audio or video) and video (place on YouTube).
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