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Tuesday, November 20
  The All Important Title Tag Is That, All Important
Well if you did not think that what you put in the source code title tag is not all that important you need to think again.

I am doing some testing and have spun off a mini website from my main website that has a very narrow focus. The focus is on custom web design and fast web design for our Quick Launch template web design product. You can visit our sister site at This site was launched on November 2 and is already in the SERPS. In fact it has garnered number one Google placement on the term top recommended web design company and that is in the global market out of 28,700,000 listings.

The match to the search query and what is in the title tag is almost exact. Give me a title and I'll put it in the code and in two weeks, I'll have top placement on those keywords too! My title tag in the source code for this mini site is: custom web design custom website design custom web designer top recommended web design company. I am even trying to break up my phrases with 's to see if this will out perform a simple targeted list of keywords not separated by commas.

As you can see from my initial finding, having a close if not identical match on a keyword phrase in your title tag will garner you top placement when you have no other site problems. In fact the standard length of the title tag is 80 characters, but you can see the search engines actually spidered the full content even though it was longer than the 80 characters. 80 characters will appear in the top browser screen, but that doesn't mean you can't go longer or that engines won't spider it.

So give me a phrase by leaving a comment, it has to be on web design though as that is what my site is about and I'll change my title tag and then report back to you in two weeks with my findings.

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