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Tuesday, November 27
  The New World of Blogging Bemoaned
You know blogging has changed in the last several years. It has grown from personal diaries and rants, to business and valid news, and now spin vehicles. Pure truthful blogging is being tainted by the thirst for the "grab for attention" and marketeering's unabated focus to make money from blogging. The world of blogging is no longer pure and motive free.

Just like all things on the Internet, you have to take things now with a grain of salt. It used to be that blogging was a pure unadulterated point of view, an honest fresh approach. Now there is a thrust behind much of the blogging that is being done to spin a message, do media relations damage control, or to make money. Much of this is being done behind the scenes and the people who are being sucked into "this machine" are the ones who still think that blogging is honest.

Wow, a cynical tone, yeah you bet. Blogging has moved from truthful conversation and dissemination of information into a whole new world, unfortunately the real world. Well in other words, blogging has grown up. Is this a good thing. Hmm, may be and maybe not. One thing for sure is to read a blog carefully before you buy into it's point of view and two don't be naive to think that there isn't a very smart marketing engine behind the blog spinning a message or pushing an agenda. There is now in this new world on the Web where blogs are concerned.

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