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Thursday, December 20
  Google Video File Uploader Needs Improvement
Google Video really needs to develop a better upload tool for large videos. I have a client who has some one hour long movies that they wanted to distribute free on Google Video. The videos are documentaries on the health effects of energy waves from cell phones and cell phone towers.

The videos were large. One in fact very large, nearly 1 GB. I needed to use the video upload tool. I have to tell you it was excruciating. It took one week connected to Google for one of the videos to load. A full week online! The other I had to have broken into two pieces and then it still took over three days to load. Now I know that some of this is a factor of file upload speeds using DSL and a factor of my ISP, but why can't I use FTP to upload a file? Why did I have to use this arcane video file uploader?

I routinely use FTP to load Flash and video files, even big ones, but I don't know what is happening at the back end of Google but this file uploader really discourages use. It is prone to crashing or locking up mid-way through a large load and cannot go back to where it is.

Additionally never overwrite a file on the server with the same name, the tool simply cannot do it in reality. If it does load, the file on the Google server is corrupted, you cannot open it and then you have to start all over again. It took a painful three weeks to load six movies! That is really outrageous. Come on Google if you want to do video, help us out and improve the upload tool!

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