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Tuesday, January 15
  Top Blog Mistakes
Here's our short list of errors and common mistakes that blog owners make. Take a quick look to make sure that you are part of the "club".

1. Forgot to integrate the blog site into the main website. You can't get cross site traffic if you don't link! Make it easy for website visitors to read your blog and make it easy for blog visitors to find out more about you.

2. Don't forget to add the one click easy subscribe chicklets. You know the little icons that say "Add to My Yahoo" or "Add to My Google". Many blog readers do not understand the world of XML or RSS news feeds or even that the news portal that they are already using is feed enabled. Make it easy with a one click solution.

3. Make sure to add a Feedburner "get posts by email". This is the same issue as above, to syndicate your content and get readers, you need to make it easy. Some people want to get posts the old way by email. Feedburner makes it easy by setting up a subscription service that allows your reader to get your posts in their email box complete with pictures. It is very easy to use and another way that you can encourage regular readership.

4. Keep your posts on topic! Keep your readers interested by offering something helpful or newsworthy based on your industry. People do not go to a GPS blog to read about teen angst or about their Daddy buying them a car! Social blogging should stay in the social arena on forums and on personal websites, these type of posts simply do not have a place in the professional business blog.

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