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Friday, January 18
  Top Outlook Tips
We've got some great tips to help you get the most out of Outlook. Here are links and descriptions to our top tips for Microsoft Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, and even Outlook 2007.

1. How to set up multiple email accounts In Outlook
These simple instructions take you set by step on how to input multiple POP3 and IMAP mail accounts to let Outlook download them all to your computer.

2. How to create address member groups in Outlook
These easy to follow instructions show you how to set up address groups in Outlook to send emails to many members with one click.

3. How to set up a vacation message in Outlook
Follow these instructions to learn how to set up and out of office or vacation message in Outlook using rules.

4. Stop spam with message rules in Outlook
Hate spam, you can get a handle on it with these tips. If you have Outlook 2003 or 2007 you may want to consider instead using the Junk Mail definitions instead of this option. Additionally consider tagging mail you get as junk mail by right clicking on the message to add the sender to the blocked mail folder. Outlook will learn over time which items you consider junk mail.

5. How to add a signature in Outlook
Here's how to set up a signature in Outlook. Right now the rage is to include an image in your signature, make sure before you do that to understand that some people you send email to will not receive your image intact, they may receive it as an attachment to the message so it's best to do an image if you like, but also include text in the signature to assure that all receivers will know who sent the mail without having to click on an image as an attachment which they may not do.

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