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Saturday, September 29
  Our Newest White Paper - The Tangible Benefits of Blogging
We're letting you read it early on our blogs, we publishing our newest white paper "The Tangible Benefits of Blogging" on October 1 in our e-newsletter. Click our post title to enter your email address and first name and then go to our download location to get our free nine page PDF white paper.

This white paper has detailed case studies some of whom we have tracked for a two year period. This white paper took over four months to research and develop. Get it free and get started blogging today for better search engine benefits.

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Thursday, September 27
  Blogging For Search Engines
Case Study: Two Identical Websites One Blogs; One Does Not

We compared two identical websites: one that blogs and one that does not. The one that blogs has used custom FTP blogging. Both are mature sites and both have not had content changes or upgrades other than new blog posts for the one. All search research was done on Google on September 12, 2007.

We found that the organic placement was higher for the site that blogged. Can a blog actually improve your website’s search engine page ranking? Possibly, but with so many factors that impact site placement, a blog may improve organic search placement for one site and not move another site in the organic results at all. Remember that these potential organic position benefits will only apply to custom FTP blogging sites.

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Wednesday, September 26
  One Last Test

Okay here is the bottom-line. If you use HTML as your email format, when you click enter, you will be making a line break. Click enter twice to leave a clear space on your email typing screen and you end up with too many line breaks in blogger. So it may be easier to work in text. However, if you want to add a hyperlink then text will not allow you to create the hyperlink and it will not be hot in your text when uploaded to Blogger.

Now I am trying removing the link field on my blog to see what happens to my title of my post. If I do not hyperlink my post title, it is too small for my liking and so I am now testing the change here as well.

  Another Test

Hmm, the hyperlink did not get picked up in the last post so here is another test as an HTML version but with a hyperlink actually inserted.

Come visit my website at!

  Test of HTML Emailing of Blog Posts

Here is my test post sent via email using HTML as the format.

I have already deleted one test but have found that spacing in using HTML may be a problem. It may be best to send your post in plain text. But one criteria may be a link in the content. Here is a link to my website to see how a link turns out in text –

  Emailing Your Posts To Your Blog Text Version
Blogger has great features and I like the blog platform better than most,
but one this I wish they had is auto-publishing.

In Wordpress and Typepad you can set a post to publish at a date in the
future which is a very nice feature for a professional blogger such as
myself. I have decided to do several tests of the Blogger system that you
can review online using the "mail to your blog" feature in an effort to be
able to make blogging easier. This post I have sent to Blogger via email and
formatted my message as plain text. Take a careful look and see if you see
any flaws in font and spacing based on our other posts.

My next post will be sent as an html emailed post so we can review the
difference. I will also be clocking the time it takes Blogger to post my
emailed blog. Right now I am finishing my post and it is 6:55 AM Eastern

Tuesday, September 25
  Blogging Can Improve Your Website's Organic Placement
Well, the research is in, our analysis complete, and our white paper on "The Tangible Benefits of Blogging" is nearly ready to publish. We have done a very unique case study on two sites with the identical content and everything, one blogs and one does not. The site that blogs beats the site that does not blog in the SERPs (organic results) hands down.

Now we're ready to do more research on this point to be able to definitively state that blogging helps your organic search engine placement, but for now, in one unique case study, it is clearly pointing in this direction. We have much more research on our other topics to prove traffic benefits, stickiness, and several other key points that website owners are interested in, but the topic of blogs and organic placement is a important one. Although it is important it is very difficult to prove. Which makes the case study that we do so important and interesting.

We will be publishing our white paper in our monthly e-newsletter, so you will want to click our blog post title and subscribe now so you'll get first notice of our release.

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Sunday, September 16
  Presentation Highlights from the CPCU Speech
You may be interesting in reviewing our PowerPoint presentation (now made into a PDF) of our speach yesterday at the Capital PC Users Group in Washington DC.

This presentation is a preview of our white paper "The Tangible Benefits of Blogging" that will be published in our e-newsletter in early October.

I think that you will find the case studies and tips on how to be an effective blogger and how to blog for search engine placement interesting and helpful.

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Saturday, September 15
  Welcome Capital PC User Group Attendess
Welcome to visitors from the Capital PC User Group. I am speaking to this group today on the topic of "Blogging for Search Engines".

Make sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter to be some of the very first people to receive our 9 page PDF white paper on "The Tangible Benefits of Blogging."

We'll be publishing this fascinating paper chock full of interesting case studies in our October e-newsletter. We will be discussing some of the findings today at our talk.

Thanks for coming to visit my blog and website and let me know if you have any questions.

Your Speaker,
Nancy McCord
Wednesday, September 12
  Does Blogger Blog Set Up Matter to Search Engines
Nope, it does not. I have just completed four months of research and analysis in preparation for the launch of my newest white paper, "The Tangible Benefits of Blogging", and found that really the set up is not important.

What is important to search engines is your content and keywords. Whether you use Blogger's custom FTP blogging or Blogspot with a custom domain, the difference is nearly moot.

Now, there are real reasons why you would want to use custom FTP blogging and real reasons why you would want to use Blogspot, but now you do not have to choose one over the other for real benefits on search engines.

In fact we have found on a head to head comparison of our two blogs, Web-World Watch (custom FTP blog) and Blog-World Watch (Blogspot custom domain blog) that sometimes the post on the Blogspot blog actually appeared in a higher position in the SERPs than our custom FTP blog.

I'll let you know when I publish my white paper, if you are blogging for search engine and traffic benefits, you will find the paper and case studies very interesting.

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Tuesday, September 11
  A Nice Quick Launch Website
We've just done a nice little Quick Launch website for a client last week. Up in three days, this six page website using one of our Quick Launch templates was up in time for a charity event.

You can visit the site at Quick Launch is our special web design program that allows you to select from several premade templates. We can do some site customization and in this case were able to add some great images that communicated just what this new non-profit organization does.

Click our blog post title to take a look.


Monday, September 10
  Our September e-Newsletter is Out
We've published our September e-newsletter. Click our post title to read instructions on how to set up multiple email accounts and also what you should know about your privacy and Google Analytics.
Thursday, September 6
  Trying Something New on Ad Landing Pages
Sometimes a customer just simply wants to do a test to see if something will work before they go whole hog. Here is one case study for Pinnacle Executive Center you may find interesting.

This client leases virtual office space in the Bethesda and Rockville areas outside of Washington DC. Now by virtual I mean 100 to 300 square foot mini-offices. But these offices have a special twist, they are deluxe and have reception service, copy center, conference rooms, and even concierge services. That means get your errands and dry cleaning done for you while you are working.

The client did not want to invest in a full blown optimized website and had already purchased a nice online Flash brochure, plus they were testing a Google AdWords program to see if any or all of it would work to drive leases.

What we did was to do a mini site optimization for the Flash page, scroll to the bottom of the landing page linked into my blog post title and you will see what I mean. You can right click to view source and review the meta tags as well. I tried to create some keyword density for them on a Flash site that had no text as he was hoping to get some organic placement as well.

In addition we are using this same page as a Google AdWords landing page, looking for a good quality score based again on a mini-optimization. I'll let you know how it performs over the next several weeks. It should be an interesting test!

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