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Thursday, December 13
  Has Blogging Lost Its Honesty?
It used to be that what you read on a blog was an honest personal viewpoint, and in some cases, that is still how it is. Today however, you'd better start to be more careful about what you trust when you read a message on a blog.

Blogging has gone mainstream and when anything goes mainstream it is suddenly used for spin, advertising, and invisible veiled agendas. We are seeing an increasing use of paid advertising posts in the blogosphere without you, the reader, knowing that the writer is being paid to give a good review or supposed personal testimony on a product. Not only has that sabotaged the blogosphere and compromised some bloggers who were not forthright about their sponsorship, but it has made all blogs now suspect of spin and a lack of sincerity. Is there a hidden message behind many blogs? You bet there is, and I am bemoaning the loss of innocence of a great medium.

We have never participated in blogging schemes to create spin or bogus testimonies for our clients and never will. We are simply not driven by money in what we do. The majority of our clients use our ghost blogging services to create great search engine friendly content for their websites as an effort to get the "leg up" on others when it comes to organic placement. This is what we do and what we love.

As I work with the blog players and blog owners behind the scenes, I have seen it all! So my word to you is, be careful about what you read on a blog, can you trust it? Weigh the message before you embrace it against what you read on other blogs, and don't make a decision or base a judgement on a blog post that you have read. You may be simply be reading a spinmaster's blog message being used to shape a viewpoint or to create viral marketing on the Web.

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